Mid-West Science Fantasy League

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The MWSFL, a club in the early 1950s, originally the Missouri Science Fantasy League (MSFL), seems to have been based in St. Louis. Fan To See was its clubzine, edited by Larry J. Touzinsky and Paul Mittelbuscher.

From the first issue:

FAN TO SEE was originally intended to be the 0-0 of the Missouri Science Fantasy League, but most fen steer clear of Official Organs because they think that they are published only for the members. So FTS, while it will be published partly for the club, will not be the 0-0. The MSFL which was only open to fen living in Missouri, has been changed to the Mid-West Science Fantasy League and is now open to all fen everywhere....

Anyone can join the MWSFL, just fill out the enclosed application and send it with your buck to the MJSFL c/o this fanzine. The buck dues will entitle you to a 12 issue sub to FTS, and also to any and all benefits the club will offer. By joining now you can help shape the club and you will have a better chance to hold office than in the already organized fanclubs. There are two reason why the MSFL was changed to the MWSFL, the first and main reason because there are a limited number of fen in Missouri, and reason #2 a number of fen living outside of Missouri have requested to join. All members of the MSFL are transfered into the MJSFL and are requested to fill out the new appli­ cation. Any member bringing in 5 new members will receive one year's free dues.

Fl. 1953.

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