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(1899 -- 1965)

Leopoldo Morey y Pena, whose professional name was Leo Morey, was born into a wealthy family in Peru. One of 18 children, he was the only one who chose to study in the United States, receiving a degree in engineering from Louisiana State University.

In 1929 he began doing illustrations for Science and Invention magazine. He was soon asked to be the magazine's regular artist, doing covers as well as interior illustrations. The same company that owned Science and Invention owned the SF magazine Amazing, and Morey soon found himself doing artwork for that magazine as well. His first cover for Amazing was for the February, 1930, issue. He was soon doing artwork for all the publisher's magazines.

When Amazing was bought by Ziff Davis in 1938, Morey was replaced by the artists from that chain. He continued to do artwork for SF magazines, however, and was published in most of the genre magazines of that time. The titles that bought his artwork included Astounding, Astonishing Stories, Comet Stories, Cosmic Stories, Captain Future, Fantastic Adventures, Planet Stories, Satellite Science Fiction, Science Fiction Quarterly, Startling Stories, Super Science Stories, Stirring Science Stories, Strange Stories, and Thrilling Wonder Stories.

When World War II broke out, Morey moved to the comic book field, although he continued to do some work for SF magazines into the 1960s.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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