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Officially, FOSFAX was the clubzine of FOSFA, the Falls of the Ohio Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, but it became mostly an independent fanzine.

Issues Years Editor Issues Notes
5-31 Nov 18, 1973 -- 1979 Bob Roehm Nearly all of the issues were in 1973 - 1975
32-51 June 1979 Shelby Bush III 20 monthly issues Two issues were numbered 32
52-74 Mar 1982 - Jan 1984 Keith Asay 23 issues
not numbered Mar-Aug 1984 Keith Chike 5 one-sheet issues Temporary editor - issues were not numbered.
95- Summer 1984 Bruce Gardner 26 monthly issues Issues were again numbered starting at issue #95
Joseph Major 4 issues Major was "first among equals" of editorial committee.
Jan 1987 Timothy Lane Under Lane's editorship, FOSFAX grew to a 70- to 100-page bi-monthly fanzine, known for its long lettercol and fervent discussions of Lane’s right wing mundane politics.
132- Oct 1988 Timothy Lane and Janice L. Moore
163- Jan 1993 Timothy Lane and Elizabeth Garrott

FOSFAX was nominated for the Best Fanzine Hugo seven times, in 1988-1993 and 1996.

Publication 1973
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