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(Were you looking for another cosmos?)

A dittoed fanzine published by Gene Klein, Vin Mansfield and John Kusalavage. Originally pubbed by Klein and titled Cosmos, it merged with Stilletto, becoming CosmoStilletto with issue #7, then with issue #13, the title changed to Faun.

Mike Symes called Faun a “dittoed crudzine” in The Proper Boskonian 4 (March 1969). It had folded by then.

Klein is now better known as rock musician Gene Simmons of Kiss.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 Cosmos, ed. by Gene Klein.
7 First merged issue.
10 1966 Buck Coulson review from Yandro 159 (May 1966): “Anyway, it isn't all comics. There's an article on Laumer's "Retief" series, one on "The Magical World Of The Secret Agent", one on Tolkien, one on the use of electrostencils, mag reviews, fanzine reviews, and letters. Most of them seem fairly well done, as well as I could tell by skimming them. Unfortunately, the editors experimented with black ditto masters this issue, and the results are both dim and somewhat blurred. (Anyone with good eyesight could read them without much trouble, but I don't have good eyesight and I'm not about to put any strain on what I have by reading fanzines.) The letter column came out better and seemed pretty good.... Another rumor, however, spread by editor Klein -- that YANDRO is "too-stuck up" to trade -- is quite true. At least it's too stuck-up to trade for fanzines I can't read.”
12 July 1967
13 Now named Faun, ed. only Gene Klein.

Publication 1969
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