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The first convention run by NASFA, ZerCon was a 1-day relaxacon run during November 1981 in Huntsville, AL to gain experience before starting the Con*Stellation convention the following year.

As their website says:

 With a bunch of computer geeks in NASFA, the name ZerCon was a deliberate (if somewhat obscure) pun on "Zero Con" since it would be the "zeroth" convention sponsored by NASFA–so the first Con*Stellation could be numbered "one." 

ZerCon may hold the record for the coldest video room ever at a convention. The hotel allowed us to use a large-screen TV (then a rare thing) in an unused bar attached to the hotel. However, the one person who knew how to turn on the heat in the bar was out of the hotel that weekend so the temperature as folks huddled around the TV was little higher than that the below-freezing temps outside. At least we had fresh popcorn as the hotel also allowed us to use their commercial popper.

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