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Xanadu IV was held November 13-15, 1987 at the Ramada inn, Opryland in Nashville, TN. The GoHs were Poul Anderson and Karen Anderson, the Filk GoH was Margaret Middleton, and Jim Baen was a Special Guest. It was chaired by Fran Bray and Bob Tucker was toastmaster.

Dan Caldwell writes: The con grew again, reaching its peak attendance at 550 members. The con had moved to the Ramada Inn Opryland, which was built around a atrium with a large pool. It looked great, but the ambient noise level made it almost impossible to hear the speech by GoH Poul Anderson The masquerade, also in the atrium, had less trouble because it had a better PA system.

The con suite was an open area on the roof of the motel bar. It had a great view of the entire atrium, and made party-hopping easy. You could just look out and see which parties were still open. A fan named "Gweedo," from Atlanta joined the con suite crew and awed everyone by carrying a full bheer keg in each hand, up a flight of stairs, from the storage area to the con suite.

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