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Thomas P. (or, maybe, Thomas G.) Hadley was a Providence fan who teamed up with Donald M. Grant in 1945 to found Grant-Hadley Enterprises which soon became the Buffalo Book Company and then the Hadley Publishing Co. when his partners went off to college (Grant), or left for the Army (Ken Krueger) leaving him in charge.

Hadley Publishing Co. was one of the post-War bloom of small presses which began the process of getting SF into books, but doesn't seem to have lasted past 1948 or so.

For a time, Hadley was very active. He went to Chicago in 1946 for First Post-Radar-Contact-with-the-Moon Con. At Philcon in 1947, he sponsored a suite in which one of the first really memorable Worldcon room parties was held. (See Fireworks.) It was also at Philcon that Hadley was a major purchaser of artwork in the auction, paying the then-unheard-of price of $31 for a Frank R. Paul cover.

Hadley was critical to the development of the Nuclear Fizz.

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