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An apazine published by Karen Anderson for SAPS during the 50s and 60s. "The Zed" was an abbreviation for Die Zeitschrift für Vollstandige Unsinn, German for The Journal for Utter Nonsense. It's numbering scheme was somewhat non-standard.

In issue #780, which was in the 32nd mailing of SAPS in June 1955, was the first known use of filk song.

Issue Date Pages Notes
Die Zeitschrift Fur Vollstandigen Unsinn 773 September 1953 2 editor gven as 'Karen Kruse'
Die Zeitschrift Fur Vollstandigen Unsinn 775 Spring 1954 26 for SAPS 27
The Zed 778 December 1954 25
The Zed 780 Summer 1955 24 first use of the word "filk"
The Zed 782 Winter 1955 10 for SAPS 34, marked internally as #12
The Zed 785 Fall 1956 10 for SAPS 37
Die Zeitschrift Fur Vollstandigen Unsinn 792 December 1958 10
The Zed 795 1960 24
The Zed 805 1964 8
The Zed 806 1964 14

The Zed online at

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