Secret Handgrip of Fandom

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We can't tell you what the Secret Handgrip of Fandom (aka the Secret Fangrip of Handdom) is because, well, it's a secret! If you are a properly initiated trufan, you will have learned it. We can tell you that it originated with Patia von Sternberg, who first performed it with Ro Nagey during a room party at PgHLANGE in 1974, at an encounter with mundane party crashers.

One must remember that the 1970s were a very different sort of era, in fandom and in the world, than today. The Secret Handgrip is only to be performed between consenting trufen. We caution you against performing the Secret Handgrip on mundanes, fans without a Shield of Umor, or anyone at WisCon, Readercon or similarly stuffy cons populated by the uptight and sercon.

If you are a trufan, you may see "The Secret Handgrip of Fandom" by Ro Nagey in Spirits of Things Past No. 5, online here, for further details.

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