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(For other entries on nothingness, see Void.)

The MT VOID is one of the longest-running extant fanzines. It began as a newsletter for the science fiction club at Bell Laboratories, known as the Mt Holz Science Fiction Society, founded in late 1978 by Mark and Evelyn Leeper.

That society's first members were largely from three Bell facilities in New Jersey, Middletown (mail designation MT), Holmdel (HO), and Lincroft (LZ). The club notice was named MT VOID (pronounced "empty void.") The MT VOID notice in months went weekly. In spite of no longer being affiliated with any parent organization, the VOID remains a weekly fanzine.

In 2012, it published its 1700th issue. The fanzine features a weekly editorial by Mark Leeper, a reading column by Evelyn, film and book reviews, comments, and general discussion on a wide range of subjects. Evelyn's writing has been nominated for fan writing Hugo awards twelve times.

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Publication 1978
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