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The Bulletin (AKA The British Fantasy Society Newsletter) is the clubzine of the British Weird Fantasy Society (later British Fantasy Society), founded in May 1971 with Keith Walker as editor, though David Sutton took over as editor for issue #2 and and continued as editor for the next 34 issues. In October 1982 it was renamed The British Fantasy Newsletter.

{Is this related to the former British Fantasy Society Bulletin?}

Issue Date Pages Editor Notes
1 May 1971 Keith Walker
2-?? 1971 David Sutton
(12 issues) 1972 David Sutton
First 3 issues 1975 David Riley and Jim Pitts
6 issues 1976 Gordon Larkin
V5.3 August 1977 16 Gordon Larkin
V5.4 October 1977 16 Gordon Larkin
V5.5 December 1977 24 Gordon Larkin Included 2 page supplement
V5.6 February 1978 12 Gordon Larkin
V6.3 August 1978 12 Dave Reeder
3 issues 1978 Dave Reeder
1979 Dave Reeder
4 issues 1980 Carl Hiles
4 issues 1981 Carl Hiles
October 1982 Steve Jones, Jo Fletcher Renamed The British Fantasy Newsletter
7 issues 1983 Steve Jones, Jo Fletcher
Winter 84/85 Steve Jones, Jo Fletcher Last issue by these editors
V12.1 Summer 1985 Peter Colborn
2 more issues 1985 Peter Colborn
2 issues 1986 Peter Colborn
1-3 issues 1986 Peter Colborn and Carl Hiles alternating
3 issues 1987 Peter Colborn and Carl Hiles alternating
1 issue 1988 Carl Hiles
2 issues 1989 at least one by Carl Hiles
V15.3 January 1990 Peter Colborn
V16.1 Summer/Autumn 1990 Graham Evans
2 issues 1991
V17.1 November 1992 3 David Howe
6 issues 1993 David Howe
V18.1-V18.6 1994 David Howe
V191.-V19.6 1995 David Howe followed by David Howe and Debbie Bennett
3 or more issues 1996

Publication 19711996
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