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Stockon 5 was held in Stockholm, Sweden on April 17-19, 1965 (ending on a Monday). Because of the long gaps between conventions in Sweden at the time, the turnout was small, about 25 people. It was chaired by John-Henri Holmberg and run by a small group of fans within the Swedish SF Convention Society who wanted to see more conventions in Sweden.

The program included:

  • A panel discussion on "Different Conceptions of Life"
  • A panel discussion on what could be done to save Stf in Sweden
  • There were some science-related items, included discussion between two astronomers on the possibility of intelligent life on other worlds, and a lecture on prehistoric animals
  • Some 8mm movies were shown
  • An auction raised about $100
  • Sam Lundwall, singing songs from his forthcoming filk album, got rave reviews

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