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(November 10, 1948 – January 12, 2013)

Steve Utley began publishing SF in 1972 with "The Unkindest Cut of All" for a Perry Rodan anthology. Born in Smyma, Tennessee, he was a pro writer who was a founding member of the 1970s Austin, TX, writing group that included Lisa Tuttle, Howard Waldrop and Bruce Sterling, and which was later called the Turkey City Writer's Workshop. He occasionally used the pseudonyms of Septimus Dale and Bruce Holt.

"Custer's Last Jump", co-authored by Utley and Howard Waldrop was a Nebula Award finalist. Utley and Howard Waldrop pioneered steampunk in such stories as "Custer's Last Jump" (1976) and "Black as the Pit, from Pole to Pole" (1977). Much of Utley's work involved time travel to the distant past. Some of these stories were collected in Where or When (2006).

According to George W. Proctor, Utley's earliest dream was to be a cartoonist. Proctor and Utley edited Lone Star Universe (1976), a collection of never-before-published SF stories by Texas authors. Several contributors to this book were part of the group associated with Chad Oliver in the 1970s in Austin, Texas. Utley also edited Passing for Human (2009) with Michael Bishop.

He was also a poet. Two collections of his poems were The Impatient Ape (1998) and Career Moves of the Gods (2006).

In 1975, he featured as “Nickelodeon’s Naked Neo-Pro Discovery” — the nude centerfold.

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