Spock in Manacles

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A fannish musical, with words by Kate Davies (based on her own fanzine of the same name) and music by Ian Sorensen, first put on at BECCON '85.

Marcus Rowland reported in Ansible that "Sunday's main event was the afternoon premiere of Spock In Manacles - The Rock Opera. Fine performances by Pete Gilligan (Kirk), Geoff Ryman (Spock), Laura Wheatley (Yeoman Lotta Bottle), Graham Head (McCoy and Scott) and Caroline Mullan (Nurse Chapel) were counterpointed by KIM Campbell as a slightly OTT Amazon Queen, Steve Lawson as the chief expendable security guard and shop steward, and Brian Ameringen as the Horny the Star Goat. Music by Ian Sorensen included "Bestiality's Best" (to the tune of "Tie Me Kangaroo Down")."

The words and cast list are printed in the Beccon Publications booklet The Beccon Plays, alongside plays performed at BECCON '81 and BECCON '83, and there are 3 pages about it in the BECCON '85 programme book

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