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Specialized conventions are a relatively new feature in fandom, first appearing in the 1970s when the growth of fandom had gotten to a point that there was room for conventions devoted to specific areas within fandom. A key characteristic of specialized conventions is that, unlike comic cons or SCA events which split off from fandom long ago, the specialty conventions serves interests which have every intention of remaining part of the fannish mainstream.

Convention Specialized interest
Smofcon Conrunners
Ditto General fannishness, especially related to fanzines
Corflu Fanzines and general fannishness; a bit more sercon than Ditto
Costumecon Costuming
NEFilk Filk. Rotates among Boston (Concertino), New York (Contata), and Washington-Baltimore (Conterpoint)
FilKONtario Filk
MediaWest Fanfiction

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