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From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
(Ackerman) Because of their love of music, most fans have record players available; and around 1940 some fan platters were produced -- everybody at a fan meeting or party saying hello to auditors, some dramatized "radio plays", and an issue of a sonodisc periodical ("the only fanmag with round edges") from Shangri-LA. Daugherty recorded much of the Denvention, including Heinlein's speech, "The Discovery of the Future", on his 78s. Wartime difficulties put an end to most plattering, and afterward wire and tape recorders were handier.
From Fancyclopedia 1, ca. 1944
(Ackerman) - Because of their love of music, most fans have record players available. Therefore, after much talk, even mention of dictafone cylinders, some fan platters were produced, around 1940. Some were simply everybody at a local meeting or party saying hello to all the people on the chain, who'd play the record and pass it on. In other cases, stfnal "radio plays" were dramatized by one local and the record sent to another to be played at a meeting; many records also were made which didn't leave the city limits. Those on chains going all around the country usually became worn to unintelligibility by the time they got on the return leg. A sonodisc periodical was projected by Sully Roberds, and an issue of one actually produced in Shangri-LA, "the only fanmag with round edges". Special mention shd be made of Daugherty's recording of much of the Denvention proceedings. Before wartime restrictions put an end to plattering, sonodiscs had reached Canada, England, and Australia.

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