Sheraton Tara, Framingham

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A rather funky-looking hotel in Framingham, MA, a western Boston suburb. The Tara chain's shtick was pseudo-Tudor, so the hotel has (faux) half-timbering and (faux) battlements. (During the earlier part of Boskone's sojourn there, the bellmen dressed in Beefeater costumers, but this, happily, didn't last.)

Boskone 30 (1993) through Boskone 39 (2002) were held at the Tara in Framingham, MA as part of its gradual return from exile in Springfield, MA in the aftermath of the troubles of Boskone 24.

The hotel was reasonably priced and generally accommodating of the experimentation Boskone was doing (like bringing the con suite down into function space and integrating it with the convention, but there were few restaurants within walking distance and it was distant from downtown Boston.

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