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The clubzine of the Tellurian Sciencefictioneers (a splinter group of the Universal Musketeers[1]), published in the Bay Area, starting in 1950. The first editor was Bill Knapheide.

The name came from Seetee Shock by Will Stewart, according to Knapheide in the fourth ish: “‘Seetee’ is contraterrene or negative matter, i. e., matter opposed to our own, positive matter. Negative matter can be called ‘inside out matter’ in view of its relation to our own ‘right side’ or positive matter.”

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 October 1950 23 Oblong, approximately 4 x 6", mimeographed. v1n1 for sale at Division Leap.
2 1950
3 Christmas 1950 28 Oblong, approximately 4 x 6", mimeographed. v1n3 for sale at Division Leap.
4 Winter 1951 28 Oblong, approximately 4 x 6", mimeographed. Seetee 4 online at
7 First issue to be edited by Peter Graham per "Report from San Francisco" by Terry Carr in Fan To See 1 (p. 11).

Publication 1950
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