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(July 9, 1946 – )

Robin White, left, and Ruth Kyle in the “A Galaxy of Fashion” at Tricon, 1966.

Robin Postal became active in fandom in New York in the 1960s after her parents, Julius and Naomi Postal, members of the Lunarians, took her to a meeting, according to an article she wrote in Algol 13 (January 1968, p. 51).

She wrote for some fanzines and assisted in the production of Void. She was a member of Fanoclasts. She modeled in the “A Galaxy of Fashion Show” at Tricon, the 1966 Worldcon.

She married fan and pro Ted White in 1966, his second wife; they had a daughter, Kit, and divorced about 1976. She married and divorced at least once more afterward.

She seems to have drifted in and out of fandom. In the 2010s, she was active in online fandom on Facebook, launching a group called OldFen, but then taking it down. She stopped posting to Facebook in May 2020.

She is a fiber artist and lives in Tucson, AZ.

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