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Rob Jackson, a British fanzine fan and convention fan, has worked on numerous UK conventions frequently doing publications-related jobs. He helped set up Silicon and was a member of OUSFG, and NESFiG (North East Science Fiction Group). He is one of the administrators of Corflu Fifty, chaired Corflu Cobalt, and will be chairing Corflu 38 in 2021.

He was a member of the Britain in '79 Worldcon bid and edited Frontier Crossings for Conspiracy '87.

He was nominated for the 1978 Best Fanzine Hugo and the 1979 Best Fanzine Hugo for Maya coming in second both times.

He had a fanzine review column in Matrix in 1979-81 and in 1980 he published The Complete BoSh, a collection of Bob Shaw's fan writing. In 2015 he edited and introduced Tyne Capsule, a fanthology by and about Gannetfandom. His publishing house is Inca Press.

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