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(December 30, 1960 – )

Randall Craig Asplund is an Ann Arbor, Michigan, fan and pro artist. When his work isn't SF or fantasy, it is usually making books and single pages the way they were made in the Middle Ages, using authentic materials and methods.

He is a member of the Stilyagi Air Corps and a regular at ConFusion. In SCA, he is a knight known as Ranthulfr Asparlundo.

He earned a B.F.A. from the University of Michigan in 1984 and sold his first book cover that year. His work has appeared in Analog, card art in games like Magic: The Gathering and as plastic model kit covers, such as Star Trek.

While married to his first wife, Melody Faith, he was known as Randy Asplund-Faith. He is now married to Ann Asplund, a Swedish fiber artist.

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