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Questicon was a small convention held in El Paso, TX from 1981–1984, sponsored by the fanclub Starquest.

The fourth and final Questicon was held at the Travelodge Central in El Paso. It was in "Thieves' World format" — whatever that means. The GoH was Andy Offutt.

Richard Brandt recounted: “The club began putting on Questicons in 1981, and by 1982 had even invited an author guest, (Bob Vardeman). None of the first three cons had attracted more than 35 attendees, but this did not dissuade the club from flying Andy Offutt in from Kentucky as GoH for a disastrous fourth and final Questicon. The treasurer closed the bank account on the day the convention opened, some punk in an assassin costume banged on the GoH's door at seven in the morning, friendships were ruptured, marriages dissolved, and a couple of locals were left holding the bag for several hundred dollars they'd advanced the convention. That weekend pretty much put the kebosh on Starquest as well.”

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