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Multigenre Fan Convention Pyrkon (in Polish: "Festiwal Fantastyki Pyrkon") is a fan convention run by the Polish SF Club "Second Age", held annually since 1999 in Poznań on the first weekend after the spring equinox. Pyrkon is dedicated to an integration of Science fiction fandom and a promotion of science-fiction/fantasy literature, comics, film, television, video games, RPG, LARP, board games, collectible card games and miniature wargaming. Pyrkon is the biggest event of this type in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe.

Each year the convention has numerous Polish guests. Since 2008, it has also had one or more foreign guests, including Adrian Tchaikovsky (2011), Ian McDonald (2012), Graham Masterton (2013), Tad Williams, Charles Stross, and Lauren Beukes (2014), Ted Chiang, Jasper Fforde, Joe Haldeman, Kevin Hearne, and John Kovalic (2015), David Weber (2016), Peter Watts (2017), and Catherynne M. Valente, R. F. Kuang, Trudi Canavan, and Jack Campbell (2020).

In 2005 Pyrkon was not held because Second Age ran the Polcon national convention instead. In 2020, it was postponed until the following year due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

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