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A Worldcon bid by the Phanadelphia Corporation for the right to host the 1986 Worldcon in Philadelphia. Proposed facilities were the Franklin Plaza Hotel and the Philadelphia Center Hotel.

It lost to Atlanta in '86 which ran ConFederation. New York in '86 was also bidding. See 1986 Worldcon Site Selection for details.

As of early 1980, it was chaired by Wilma Fisher with Neil Harris, P. B. McGrath, Larry Gelfand, J. B. Post, Dorothy Amlin, Fred Even, Walt Rittenhouse, Jason Keehn, Janny Wurts, Joann Lawler, Yoel Attiya, Lynn Cohen, and Berta Attiya. Later members included Jim Estren, Deborah Malamut, Sara Paul, Laura Paskman, Karen Roth, Mark Roth, John Syms, Somtow Sucharitkul, Mark Trebing, Lew Wolkoff.

One of the features of the bid was Nick Pollotta's series of comedy tape recordings about Phil A. Delphia, fannish Secret Agent 86, played at conventions around the country.

Bid tape recordings

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