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A fanzine published by Charles Platt while resident in New York, where his address was in Patchin Place. The tone was generally sercon, sardonic and sometimes polemical; several issues carried an arch gossip column by Platt writing as "Gabby Snitch" and/or a semi-joky advice column by Platt writing as "Cousin Clara". Contributors who feared repercussions from whistleblowing on the publishing and bookselling industry were allowed to use the house pseudonyms Jane Doe and John Smith.

An ebook of the complete run was published as The Complete Patchin Review (Ansible Editions, July 2019).

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 July 1981 40
2 September 1981 60
3 January 1982 68
4 April 1982 60
5 October 1982 52
6 March 1983 60
7 March 1985 20 Final issue

The Complete Patchin Review download

Publication 19811985
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