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The Portland Science Fiction Society, also known as PorSFiS, was a club in the Portland, OR, area. (It is not normally called PSFS, to avoid confusion with the Philadelphia club.) The PorSFS clubzine was The Pulsar.

The club was founded in 1977 by Ed Foster in the back of the old Illustrated Store, incorporated in 1978, and dissolved in 2013.

The group held public meetings on the second Saturday of each month; every three months they discussed club business. On they fourth Saturday of each month, they held alt.porsfis; a monthly party.

PorSFS formed just before The Portland Science Fiction Symposium, now sometimes known as "OryCon 0," was held. Although many PorSFiS members were also OryCon committee members in the beginning, Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI) was formed almost immediately, and while there were cross-over members, the two groups, PorSFiS and OSFCI, were two separate organizations.

A previous Portland club with a similar name, the Portland Science-Fantasy Society, was a completely separate entity.

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