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Ozarkon VII was scheduled to be held July 28-30, 1972 at the Parkway House Motor Hotel in St. Louis, MO. The GoH was Larry Niven. Niven was already on the road to the convention when the convention called his wife to tell her that the convention had been cancelled. Niven was unreachable, and this appears to have been the first case where the GoH showed up, but the convention didn't.

Apparently two successive committees had taken on the organization of the convention and then had dropped out from burnout after organizing the 1969 Worldcon. Another fan (with little convention-running experience) had been arm twisted into taking it on, but with too few members, the motel cancelled and the convention just melted away. The poor fans left holding the bag did take Niven to dinner, ran a party and touristed him around town.

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