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An annual science fiction, gaming, and pro-space convention held in Omaha, Nebraska from 1981 through 1990. It was sponsored by Nebraskans for the Advancement of Space Development (NASD).

Convention Dates GoHs
Omacon 1 1981
Omacon 2 August 6-8, 1982 Frederik Pohl, Jack Williamson, Steve Gray
Omacon 3 August 5-7, 1983 Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle
Omacon 4 August 3-5, 1984 Poul Anderson, Karen Anderson, Melinda Murdock
Omacon 5 August 2-4, 1985
Omacon 6 August 1-3, 1986 Alan Dean Foster, Lucy Synk, Art Bozlee, Roger Stern
Omacon 7 July 31 - August 2, 1987
Omacon 8 August 5-7, 1988 Steven Brust, J. R. Daniels, Robert Gounley, Merle Rasmussen
Omacon 9 August 4-6, 1989
Omacon 10 August 3-5, 1990 John M. Ford, Rick Sternbach, Bjo Trimble, Art Bozlee

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