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Off Centaur Publications was a pioneering publisher and distributor of filk music books and albums (cassette tapes and CDs) from 1980 to 1987. Off Centaur was founded as a partnership in 1980 by Jordin Kare, Teri V. Lee, and Catherine Cook (now Catherine Mac Donald) after the success of The Westerfilk Collection. They also published the Bayfilk Songbook.

The first filk tapes were produced mostly on home equipment and varied in quality from poor to acceptable. Off Centaur aimed to produce better recordings, publishing both studio and convention recordings. It operated from a large home in El Cerrito, California. Some filkers moved to the area to participate in its activities.

Off Centaur's best-selling recording was "Minus Ten and Counting: Songs of the Space Age." Released in 1983, it sold 2500 cassettes. A companion songbook by the same title gave the lyrics and sheet music of the songs.

Following disputes among the partners, the company was dissolved in 1987. The breakup of the company caused rifts in filk fandom and even lawsuits. Some of the partners formed a new company, Firebird Arts and Music, Inc.

Most Off Centaur products are rare, and some draw large bids at Interfilk auctions.

Off Centaur was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame in 1995.

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