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OKon VII was a convention held July 20–22, 1984, at the Sheraton Kensington in Tulsa, OK. The GoH was Stephen R. Donaldson, the Artist Guests of Honor were David Cherry & Victoria Wheeler, the Fan Guests of Honor were Buck & Juanita Coulson.

The Toastmaster was James P. Hogan. The convention passed the hat to raise money to help Kansas City, MO, writer Rob Chilson, who had suffered a recent apartment fire. A charity auction raised almost $800 for him. The big thing at the con that year was the preview of the upcoming film The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai. Banzai headbands floated around town for years.

It marked the first time OKon met its room block at the con hotel — in this case, it was even exceeded. In the OKon art show, 45 artists displayed 379 works of art, grossing over $7,200 in sales.

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