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In 1999, the WSFS Business meeting ratified a change to the WSFS Constitution which abolished the old rotation plan based on zones was and instituted a new No Zone plan. The old plan was dropped because it allowed sites in North America to bid only once every three years, and with a perceived general decrease in good, available sites, it was believed that we were losing potential good bids because their site was not available when it was their zone's turn.

To prevent a site from selecting itself or a near neighbor (like in 1998 when Philadelphia in 2001 was selected over Boston in 2001 in an election held 100 miles away at BucConeer in Baltimore -- See 2001 Worldcon Site Selection), an exclusion zone of 500 miles was established around the site which administers the vote. So, for example, the site selection held in San Antonio in 2013 was not able to select sites located within 500 miles of San Antonio.

No Zone was phased in with the race in 1999 (selecting the 2002 Worldcon, see 2002 Worldcon Site Selection) being the last under the old rules and the race in 2003 (see 2006 Worldcon Site Selection) was the first to be run under No Zone alone.

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