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Frequently abbreviated "natcon," a convention designated as the gathering for all of the fans in a particular country. This is sometimes done by having a traveling convention (e.g., the British Eastercon) and sometimes by means of designating different regional conventions as the year's national convention (e.g., Canada's Canvention). Natcons are nearly always bid conventions moving from site to site.

The Eurocon is of this latter type, but includes all of Europe.

The United States does not have a natcon — Worldcon serves that purpose most years and, though a NASFiC is held when Worldcon goes overseas, it is not really a Natcon.

Country National Convention
Australia The Australian Natcon
Britain Eastercon
Canada The Canvention
Croatia SFeraKon or whichever Croatian convention is largest
Denmark Fantasticon
Estonia Estcon
Finland Finncon
France Convention Nationale Français de Science-Fiction
Hungary HungaroCon
Ireland Octocon
Italy Italcon
Japan Nihon SF Taikai
New Zealand The New Zealand Natcon
Norway Norcon / Intercon
Poland Polcon
Spain Hispacon
Sweden Swecon
United States None, really, since the Worldcon fulfills that role when it is in North America. The NASFiC was invented to provide a national convention when Worldcon is overseas, but it does not really seem to fulfill the role.

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