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The 46th Worldcon held September 1-5, 1988, at the Marriott, Sheraton, International Hotels and New Orleans Municipal Auditorium. GoH: Donald A. Wollheim, FGoH: Roger Sims. Mike Resnick was Toastmaster. Chairman: John H. Guidry.

The Bid[edit]

Bidders: Bermuda Triangle Bid, New Orleans in '88, Cincinnati in '88, and St. Louis in '88. Yugoslavia in '88 withdrew about 1985 and did not file, Sydney Cove in '88 at least got a few (writein?) votes. See 1988 Worldcon Site Selection. See also Mike Sinclair, who organised memorable bid parties throughout the early 1980es but stayed away from actual conrunning after he helped Nolacon win.

NOLAcon II was the last Worldcon selected with a two-year lead time (until this was reversed back starting with the 2008 Denvention 3, selected in 2006). At the 1986 ConFederation where it was selected, the 1989 Worldcon (Noreascon 3) was also selected.

The Convention[edit]

Nolacon 2 was famously poorly organized, being “saved” by a big influx of fans at the last minute. (See #Convention Reports, below, for many details.)

Nolacon chose to give a Special Committee Award to the SF Oral History Association. More than thirty years after the convention, Betsy Wollheim, GoH Don Wollheim's daughter recounted how the committee had told her father that they were going to give the award to him, but later changed their minds.

Convention Reports[edit]

Conspiracy '87 Worldcon - Bidding - Hugos Noreascon 3
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