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Fans have rather consistently used humor to poke fun at their own foibles. This is nowhere more evident than in the 'mock feud,' in which the excesses of real feuding are parodied and made fun of.

One of the earliest of these was the First Staple War, a.k.a. the Great Staple War, which got under way in 1934.

The early 'mock' religious wars between GhuGhuism and FooFooism was divided pretty much along serious feuding lines, given that Ghu's earthly incarnation was Wollheim and Foo's was Speer. This did not carry over as different fannish religions got started, and no doubt the long-term marriage of the late Art Rapp, one of the three deacons of Roscoeism, to the late Nan Share, high priestess to the ghod Ignatz, served as an example to establish ecumenicism in the fannish religions. The Melvinist branch of FooFooism holds that 'all' fannish ghods are equal (and the only advantage to belonging to the Church of Melvin lies in the fact that it is the only fannish religion which openly acknowledges this).

One of the best mock feuds was the battle over steam between Ken Bulmer and Vincent Clarke, on the one hand, and Walt Willis and Lee Hoffman on the other. (See Steam.)

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