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Minicon 33 was a convention held April 10-12, 1998 at the Radisson South in Bloomington, MN. Guests of Honor: Gardner Dozois, Dave Langford, Phil Proctor, and John M. Ford.

The convention was not run by a chairman, but by an Executive Committee, consisting of: Martin Schafer, Erik Baker, and Victor Raymond.

Minicon 33 was the last of the giant Minicons, and starting with Minicon 34, the convention shrank drastically. At this point, Minicon essentially split into three conventions after Minicon 33, those conventions calling themselves Minicon 34, MarsCon '99, and CONvergence 1999. The latter two are run by new different non-profit organizations independent of Minn-stf.

Rune Press published Wrath of the Fanglord in honor of Dave Langford's GoHship here.

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