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Midwest Fandom generally refers to fans living in the U.S. states comprising the historical Northwest Territory — Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin — plus Southern Ontario, Canada, and, sometimes, part of Kentucky and Pittsburgh (especially in the '70s). More specifically, it often refers to the circle of those fans who attend Midwestcon.

Oklahoma native Jack Speer referred to the region as the Mid-East in Fancyclopedia 1 because it's in the eastern half of the country.

Midwestern fen are known as hard partiers. That the old Smooothie Bob Tucker hailed from the Midwest no doubt contributed. This is the region that originated All-Night Fandom, that birthed the Slan Shack and the propeller beanie, and is home to the original relaxacon.

It was also part of the area infamously referred to as the Wimpy Zone by an East Coast smof.

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