Memory Hole

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(Did you mean the Newspeak term?)

A fanzine archive created and run by Greg Pickersgill. It later turned into an index. As he described it:

The Memory Hole is a fanzine recycling system and permanent collection. MH gathers in unwanted fanzine collections and redistributes them on demand to serious collectors or the simply curious. At the same time MH is building and maintaining a permanent collection of, primarily, 'mainstream' sf/fannish fanzines (post-1970 apazines are not a priority). As of late 1996, there are 10000+ issues of 1800+ titles in the MH permanent collection, and some 2000-odd items in the recycling reservoir.

MH permacollection items are available for loan, although the long term plan includes mass production of facsimiles and a CD-ROM archive. The MH permacollection catalog (done as the Roberts/Clarke format) is available on disk or paper.

Contact MH on MH@GOSTAK.DEMON.CO.UK for further information.

It had a email list as well. Rob Jackson managed it in 2000–2001.

Pat McMurray set up the similar Memory Hole Annex to preserve convention material.