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(1912 -- 1966)

Artist Malcolm Smith submitted some of his paintings to Amazing Stories in 1940, some of which were accepted for publication. He began working as a freelance artist for Ziff Davis, publisher of Amazing, and when it expanded its line of magazines joined its art department.

He soon became art director of all the Ziff Davis pulps. His first SF cover was for the January, 1942, issue of Amazing.

In 1948 he set up his own shop and began doing art for SF books of the time, including the striking cover art for Orson Welles's Invasion from Mars Interplanetary Stories, a Dell "map back" anthology. He also did several dust jackets of SF books for Shasta Publishers during the 1940s and 1950s.

Smith left Amazing and became art director for the new SF prozine, Other Worlds Science Stories, when it was begun by editor/publisher Ray Palmer late in 1949.

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