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Lunacon 11 was held April 19-21, 1968 at the Park Sheraton Hotel, Manhattan, NY. Don Wollheim was GoH. It was chaired by Ted White and once again, it was held in conjunction with Eastercon with a combined attendance or around 410, making it the largest regional ever held.

A schedule of events had been printed in the convention's program book, but the actual program bore only a passing resemblance, as the actual topic of most panels sooner or later became the recently-released film, 2001: A Space Odyssey. There was often vehement disagreement about the movie, not only if it was or wasn't a good movie, but also why fans did or didn't like it. Arthur C. Clarke attended and spoke about the movie on the Sunday of the convention, but refused to explain anything about the movie, other than immodestly describing it as "a masterpiece". He described some of the differences between the movie and his novel of the same name, and provided some information about the special effects used in the filming. His only substantive comment about the meaning of the film was for people to see it at least twice and form their own interpretation.

Bid parties required a convoluted procedure to obtain drinks, due to arrangements with the hotel to keep prices down the committee had bought bottles of liquor from the hotel directly and sold drinks from them at cost to the party-goers.

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