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(September 30, 1960 -- May 15, 2022)

Karl Lembke, photo courtesy of Mike Glyer

Karl Lembke was an LA area fan and long-time member of LASFS who won the Evans-Freehafer Trophy in 2010.

He joined LASFS in September 1985, was first elected Chair of the Board of Directors in 2002 where he served continuously for 20 years. He chaired Loscon 32 in 2005 and was a Patron Saint of the 38th meeting of the year. At times he also served as Scribe of the Thursday night meetings.

Past LASFS President Eylat Poliner said, “Karl was a gentle soul. He was a devoted and loved member of the LASFS. He ran hospitality for Loscon for many years. He loved to play mahjong. He liked to cook/bake and was loyal to his family, He loved science fiction. He brewed mead and beer. He loved his co-workers and boss.”

As a conrunner, Karl often worked the green room or staff lounge at Loscon, Gallifrey, and even Corflu the last time it was in LA.

Karl identified himself with the Sad Puppies – even reblogging installments of Chris Chan’s 2017 article series this year when it was reposted by John C. Wright.

(Thanks to Mike Glyer for the obit and photo.)

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