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(March 11, 1924 – February 12, 1998)

Jonne Evans, 1940s. From the LASFS Album.

Jonne Evans Bates (prounounced to rhyme with “phone,” born Mary Joan Evans, later Hanlon) was a fan active in the 1940s. She belonged to LASFS, for which she served as program chairman, and wrote and drew for at least a few fanzines, as well as attending cons, including Michicon 4 (1944) and Pacificon (1946).

A second-generation fan, she was sometimes called “Th’ Youn’ Foo,” after her father, E. E. Evans, “Th’ Ol’ Foo.” From Battle Creek, MI, she moved to Los Angeles soon after her dad did.

She married Leonard Paul Bates in January 1944, but they divorced about a year later. She married William Hanlon in late 1947.

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