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(November 30, 1957 – May 30, 2015)

French-Canadian science fiction and fantasy author and editor whose 1991 Aurora Award-nominated adult science-fiction novel, La taupe et le dragon, was was translated into English and published in the United States in 1999 by Tor Books as The Dragon's Eye. His French-language novels and short works were finalists for the Prix Aurora fifteen times, winning twice.

He helped to found and organize the annual Canadian French-language SFF Conference Congrès Boréal, which has been held annually since 1979, and served for many years on its board of directors.

He edited the French-language SFF magazine Solaris from 1992 until his death in 2015; it won the Prix Aurora nine times during his tenure.

The Utopiales Conference in France gives out the Prix Joël Champetier in his honor, which is awarded for best (non-Canadian) new writer in the French language.

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