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(1952 – )

Ian Maule is a British fan. Originally a member of the Gannets from Newcastle upon Tyne, he moved to London in the mid 1970s, and thence to Surrey where he became a leading member of the Surrey Limpwrists group.

He edited many fanzines, notably personalzine Paranoid; genzines Maya (which he took over from Ian Williams and then relinquished to Rob Jackson) and Nabu; and newszine Checkpoint (which he inherited from Darroll Pardoe and then passed back to its founder, Peter Roberts).

He also published By British: "A Fanthology of the Seventies" (with Joseph Nicholas).

He was the founder of the apa ROMPA, and a committee member of Tynecon 74 and Skycon 1978.

He is married to fellow fan Janice Maule, née Wiles. Until his retirement, he worked as a civil servant. In the late 1980s he worked in the same office building as Mark Plummer. Maule was largely gafiated and Plummer was new to fandom so neither knew of the other's involvement. Plummer found Maule's name in an old convention programme book and when Maule commented on a James Blish book on Plummer's desk, he asked Maule if he was that Ian Maule. Plummer was recounting this story to Tony Cullen some years later, causing Cullen to realise that Maule was now working with him.

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