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The Hogus are informal anti-Hugos, originated by Elst Weinstein and Mike Glyer, in which the worst of the year is celebrated, not by choosing Hugo categories in negative form but featuring things like voting for the Mid-Atlantic Fan Fund and Worst Fanzine Title.

It usually involves a Ranquet –- a group of fans attending the Worldcon who organize themselves to go out to a McDonald's (or other cheapo fast food emporium of similar, ah, quality), where they can then "vote" (if they haven't already done so on the ballots distributed prior to Worldcon) for their "favorites".

The price to vote is entirely arbitrary, ranging from a quarter to $5 and the award itself, at least in the early years, was just a base –- some balsawood with burn marks on it, as if a Hugo rocket had set there before "blasting off" for outer space. Arthur Hlavaty cites Hogus as "proof that satire by committee is a contradiction in terms."

They haven't been given out for some years, but after a long gap, they will be presented in conjunction with Sasquan.

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