Hoax 1996 TAFF ballot

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The 1996 TAFF Race (in reality boringly run between Martin Tudor and M. J. "Simo" Simpson) also featured an amusing hoax ballot, see below. (We do not as yet know the source of the ballot or even its date. It is supposedly from Abigail Frost and Dan Steffan, though this seems unlikely.)

Note that all three of the "candidates" are pseudonyms of R. Lionel Fanthorpe, a...prolific...British writer. And the nominators are also all pseudonyms of other people. The platforms are, presumably, all from Fanthorp's writing, though it's hard to imagine anyone with the...fortitude?...determination?...to search out the sources.

The ballot's version of the TAFF voting rules and procedures is worth a close read. Some of its ideas should be more widely adopted (e.g., signing the secret ballots, and using the New Zealand ballot system to guarantee a confusing runoff even when there's a clear winner.)

Hoax 1996 TAFF ballot, page 1
Hoax 1996 TAFF ballot, page 2