Graham-Ackerman Feud

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From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
Roger Phillip(s) Graham, one of the few passable ZD writers, was assigned by Ray Palmer to head a column of fanzine reviews and club news, "The Club House", at the height of the Shaver Mystery foofaraw (late '47-January '48). Ackerman, leading the fan ("fan" distinguished sharply here from "reader") opposition to that piece of crackpottery, turned his guns on Phillips as agent to an attempt to seduce the fans by drowning them in butter. Words flew thick & fast, but all blew over when Graham walked into a LASFS meeting one evening and fraternized. The war went on in other parts of fandom but fizzled out when Palmer quit ZD and the Shaver Mystery was dropped.

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