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Bill, left, and Sutton Breiding, 1979. (Photo by Mike Breiding.)

(August 17, 1950 –)

George Sutton Breiding, a reclusive San Francisco correspondence and fanzine fan and speculative poet, has been floating around fandom since the 1970s. He has published many poetry zines.

Originally from West Virginia, Sutton is Bill Breiding’s brother.

In 2019, Bill wrote in Portable Storage One:

I’ve known G. Sutton Breiding my entire life. For a couple of lazy summers we even shared a bedroom. He has been influential, and off and on, has sometimes held that special place in a person’s life: my best friend. We took fandom by storm in the mid-seventies when we both started spitting out fanzines from my hand-crank Speed-O-Print mimeograph machine, Libby the Liberator. Those were special, glorious days when, as Aljo Svoboda says, we walked among giants. In the late 1970s and early 1980s punk rock and new wave took us by storm. We spent many late nights together in drunken revelry mesmerized by some truly amazing bands in some shithole punk clubs. Soon after, we both met dazzling women who changed our lives irrevocably. Sutton now lives in seclusion in West Virginia, and I in Arizona, where we both walk towards the infinite.

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