Futurian League

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From Fancyclopedia 1, ca. 1944
An organization formed in 1940 by Wollheim as General Secretary, which had the sole function of registering as Futurians fans like Rothman who were not members of the FSNY but had sometimes used the name since joining the Futn Fedn of the World, and any others who mite wish to. DAW defined as a Futurian one who, thru science-fiction, rises to envision a greater world, a greater future of the whole of mankind, and who wishes to utilize his idealistic convictions for aid in a generally cooperative and diverse movement for the betterment of the world along democratic, non self-glorifying, impersonal, unselfish lines, Futurians were to be expected to live up to their principles in their own way, and to be honest in intentions and cooperative in attitude toward other Futurians.

Club 1940
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