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A fannish musical which was very loosely based on the Foundation Trilogy. It was performed at Conine at Oxford Polytechnic in August 1988.

It is available here.

It was written by Maria Hamilton with help from John Bray (who OCR'd it 28 years later in 2016 with help from Maria), Penny Heal, Jason Stevens, John Styles, and Ivan Towlson.

Dave Langford described its first revival thus: "SECCON saw ‘the rediscovery of the long-hoped-lost Fundament!, the Oxford U SF Group's musical version of the entire Foundation Trilogy. This is somewhat, er, telescoped (THE MULE: "Curses! I forgot that my mutation renders me so weak that the effort of singing could at any time kill me stone dead.... Aaarggghhhhh....") and was performed with great enthusiasm but no actual music, drawing praise from Ian Sorensen: "They're making my productions look professional!" Asimov purists were intrigued by Dave Clements's evocation of Hari Seldon lurching up from his Time Vault wheelchair at the close of Second Foundation, with the words, "Mein Fuhrer ... I can walk!"'

Show 1988
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