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Flieg Hollander at FUNcon 1 in 1968.

(May 22, 1946 –)

Frederick J. Hollander, called Flieg or Fred, was an LA fan active in the 1960s and ’70s. He was a member and officer of LASFS, edited several issues of the clubzine De Profundis and belonged to APA-L and ValAPA. He attended local cons and Worldcons.

His nickname, from Der Fliegende Hollander (“The Flying Dutchman”), was bestowed by Bruce Pelz as an indirect result of a motorcycle mishap. Fred was a frosh (freshman) at Cal Tech, and he had brought his motor scooter, named Babieca with him. He and Barry Gold were roommates at Tech and started attending LASFS meetings in November, 1964. Some months later, Fred was riding Babieca in what is now West Hollywood. He was crossing Santa Monica Blvd. and failed to notice the streetcar tracks in the dim nighttime lighting. Babieca "stubbed its toe" (Flieg's description), and Fred went over the handlebars and broke a bone in his foot.

After having the broken bone set and a cast put on the foot, he was required to use crutches for getting around. He became quite adept at using these. A couple of weeks later, Bruce Pelz saw him "flying down the corridors" on his crutches and promptly nicknamed him "Flieg." The name stuck and he continued to use it for fannish purposes.

Flieg later moved to the BArea and became active in the SCA. He was twice crowned king of the SCA's Kingdom of the West, thereby earning the permanent title of "Duke."[1] By 1973, he had moved to Iowa City, IA. In September 1974 he took a job at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, New York.[2]

Flieg found himself living in places that didn't have many active fan groups, which cut back on his fanac, but helped Lee Forgue run Westerchron in 1983. After that, his free time mainly involved SCAdian pursuits, and enjoying science fiction and fantasy as a reader. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, he began polishing and publishing fantasy stories he had been working on for the past 15 years.[3]

His brothers, Robert, James, Bill and Pat, have all been members of LASFS, too, although Flieg says Jim was the only one who stayed active in fandom for very long.

Flieg is active on Facebook under the name "Dukeflieg Sca" and has an author page there as well.[4]

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